Hud-Son爱国者 Portable Sawmill

Hud-Son爱国者 Portable Sawmill


Be like one of the Original Rebels and do it yourself

The heavy-duty Hud-Son爱国者 sawmill has raised the bar for capacity and horsepower in a portable sawmill. This sawmill can out-perform the competition in its price and class. Designed to keep you ahead of wood milling challenges no matter the project.

卖成千上万的 猎人 / 索耶 mills our customers wanted a sawmill that could cut larger logs. We took on the challenge to create the new Hud-Son爱国者 sawmill.


买球软件最新版下载建造得很坚固! 4带提升管的柱子 for strength and accuracy when cutting 28” diameter logs.


We know you are a true craftsman and assembling this masterpiece is just the challenge you don’t shy away from.


• Order assembled or unassembled to help meet your needs and budget
• No welding and only a handful of tools required
• Built here in the 美国 at our home town factory in Barneveld, NY by hometown workers from right here in the heart of Central NY
• Comes with a Three Year Warranty
• 完美的 for the Do-It-Yourselfer, Small woodshops, hunting camps & 更多的.


(9 顾客评论)

Specifications: Hud-Son爱国者 Portable Sawmill

Budget Portable Sawmill • 28” Diameter Log • 24” Between 指南s • 12′ Steel Track Length (2 sections) • 2 日志的狗 with Squaring Posts • 16” Band Wheels • Proven Hud-Son Shoe 引导系统 • 13hp Gas Motor • Manual Pull Start • 132″ x 1 1/4 All Purpose 叶片 • 2.5加仑 Lube Tank System • Dual 测量 System with Quarter Scale and Inches

The PATRIOT sawmill has been added to our freedom line sawmills. The word Patriot has held its place of honor for the brave men and women of the armed forces who defend the rights and freedoms of our country. The Patriot sawmill was designed and manufactured with you in mind. We are adding this mill to the Freedom line to give our customers a middle of the road price, at same time adding some additional features such as larger log diameter and 更多的 horsepower to maximize your cutting experience.


  • 马克斯日志能力
  • 指导之间的距离
  • 最大切割厚度
  • 标准轨道长度
    12′ Steel Welded (2 sections)
  • 日志的狗
    2个摄像头风格的狗 & 广场的帖子
  • Max Log Length (with standard track)
  • 叶片
    132 X 1.25 X .035″
  • 叶片润滑
  • 跟踪扫


  • 发动机/电机
  • 离合器订婚


  • Frame
  • Bandwheels
  • 引导系统
    Dual Shoe 指南s, 1 Adjustable
  • 电梯系统
  • 测量
    Dual Scale 1″and 4,5,6,8 Quarter
  • 主要轴承


  • 3年有限质量保证
  • 6年保修

We are filling orders as they come in. 预订和名单上. 


Hud-Son爱国者 Portable Sawmill






WM132-BOX 叶片 Replacement


$295.00 缺货







$195.00 $149.99添加到购物车


Extra Log Dog Assembly w/Jbar

9日评论 Hud-Son爱国者 Portable Sawmill

  1. 韦恩·皮蓬 (验证所有者)

    爱国者28″坏azz钻机........Thk ya’ll for excellent service …send me a couple hats for advertising

  2. 斯科特•罗宾逊

    i got the Patriot sawmill and love it so far

  3. 乔治行走

    I got the Patriot sawmill about two weeks ago, and I love it. I am happy that I had the local dealer (Wes Stauffer) assemble it because he has extensive experience and did a few things that make using the saw easier and 更多的 efficient. He was very helpful with tips on sawing and maintenance of the unit. I have already sawed about 1,000 board feet of lumber with it. 伟大的产品.

  4. 进行布鲁斯·埃伯哈特

    Works very well and cuts nice.

  5. 布洛克贝利

    Patriot mill…assembly was challenging. 它运行得很好.

  6. T.克利夫特

    Assembly was challenging but doing it yourself you really get to know the ins and outs of the mill STRONG WARNING this is addictive ! I cant wait to get home and fire it up. Plus I never knew I had this many friends lol Works Great !

  7. 吉姆T

    Patriot 28 user friendly after working out the bugs

  8. 布兰登叶片

    I’m a master tech at a dealership and very good with putting stuff together. 装配是困难的. Parts were different than what showed in the Assembly manual. Also had a duel pulley bracket welded on the main frame and was the wrong bracket. Best advice I can give anyone that’s going to assemble this mill is to watch the YouTube video. Do exactly as the guy says at each step and nothing 更多的. Mill is a little small for what im doing ( sinker cypress live edge ). 伟大的起动磨机. 5星级.


    Image #1 from 布兰登叶片
    Image #2 from 布兰登叶片
  9. 金伯尔yoder)

    i purchased a patriot mill. it took me a little time to put together. so far so good with performance. very pleased with know regrets.


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